VCA acts as advisor in sale of Porsche Center Helsinki


Vicus Capital Advisors acted as advisor to AC Real Estate in the divestment of Porsche Center Helsinki properties in Viikki, Helsinki, to special investment fund Trevian Finland Properties I.

In addition to its core business, real estate fund management, Vicus Capital Advisors provides advisory services on case-by-case basis.

- The sale of Porsche Center Helsinki properties is a good example of how we work. We first set up a value maximizing plan for the owner: what actions should be done before the deal in order to maximize the property value. It can potentially be lease re-negotiations, new lease agreements and property upgrade or repair works, or even rezoning and building permit related works in case of land transactions. After managing the preparatory phase, we organize a sales process for finding the best buyer for the target, says Markus Jaakonsaari, CEO of Vicus Capital Advisors.

- We are not a broker but the owner's strategic advisor.

Read Trevian's press release here.