Construction of 4Daily Mall starts in Moscow

Construction works of 4Daily Mall have started in the city of Mytishchi, Moscow Region. The mall, with GBA of 55,000 sqm and GLA of 25,500 sqm, is targeted to open for public in 2016.4Daily is a joint project of Vicus, SRV and Russian pension fund Blagosostoyanie, managed by Trinfico. It is the first phase of a 97,000 sqm multifunctional development project originally called Promenad. The project is located in the middle of New Mytischi, where a lot of new housing is being constructed such as over a million sqm Yaroslavsky residential district by PIK Group.The second phase, Mira Development, has a building permit for 42,000 sqm of additional retail space and a 7-floor office center, but also a hotel and different well-being/healthcare functions may be planned on the 1.36 ha plot. Mira Development is a joint project of Vicus and SRV.