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Vicus Capital Advisors provides advisory and investment management services with special focus on real estate. Our team has extensive experience from real estate investment, development, and fund management. Since 2005, we have been operating in the Baltic, Russian and Ukrainian real estate markets. Our advisory services cover real estate transactions and various matters related to ownership and financing strategies. The team with background in investment banking is capable of handling complex assignments and transactions.

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Our Team

Juha Mikkonen
Chairman of the board
Direct: +358 9 252 282 00
M.Sc. (Econ.), Chairman of the Board, b. 1962 Juha is the founder and Chairman of Vicus Capital Advisors. In 2005–2008, he worked as the Managing Director. Prior to entering real estate investment business in 2005, Juha has a long career in investment banking. He was a co-founder of a leading Finnish investment bank Conventum in 1996 and Managing Director of Conventum Corporate Finance in 1999–2005.
Markus Jaakonsaari
Managing director
Direct: +358 9 252 282 12 Mobile: +358 50 523 5836
M.Sc. (Econ.), Managing Director, b. 1971 Markus is the Managing Director of Vicus Capital Advisors. Prior to co-founding the company in 2005 he has worked in investment banking since 1995, latest as Director at Conventum Corporate Finance since 2000. In Vicus Capital Advisors, Markus has been responsible for development projects, including co-investment and lease negotiations, sales processes, bank financing and board work, as well as for CEO functions since July 2013.
Ville Siivonen
Direct: +358 9 252 282 50 Mobile: +358 40 523 5865
M.Sc. (Econ.), M.Soc.Sc., LL.B., Director, b. 1978 Ville has worked for Vicus Capital Advisors since 2005. Prior to joining the company in 2005, Ville worked as an Analyst at Conventum Corporate Finance and as an Equity Analyst at Nordea. In Vicus Capital Advisors, Ville’s responsibilities include investment transactions, financing, and development project management.
Juuso Numminen
Direct: +358 9 252 282 44 Mobile: +358 50 359 5120
B.Sc. (Econ.), Analyst, b. 1991 Juuso is an analyst at Vicus Capital Advisors. He joined the company in October 2015 and works part-time while completing his final year of graduate studies in Finance at Aalto University School of Business.
Nelly Meer
Direct: +358 9 252 282 80 Mobile: +358 40 549 5642
Sini Berggrén
Assistant (on study leave)
Direct: +358 9 252 282 80 Mobile: +358 40 846 9160
BBA, Assistant, b. 1991 Sini is an assistant at Vicus Capital Advisors. She joined the company in September 2014 and works part-time while completing her studies on Degree Programme in Modern Languages and Business for Management Assistants at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.
Matti Pajari
Senior Advisor
Direct: +358 9 252 282 11 Mobile: +358 50 523 5863
Matti is a Senior Advisor of Vicus Capital Advisors. In 2005–2014, he worked as the company’s CFO responsible for financing, fund control and administration. Prior to Vicus, Matti worked as an investment banker at Conventum Corporate Finance since 2001. Before joining Conventum, Matti worked at Jaakko Pöyry Consulting since 1994, first as a consultant and later on as a Vice President.
Risto Hiekka
Senior advisor
Direct: +358 9 252 282 00
Risto is a Senior Advisor of Vicus Capital Advisors. In 2008–2013, he worked as the company’s Managing Director. Risto has a long experience in international real estate development and construction. Prior to joining Vicus Capital Advisors, Risto worked at Teräsbetoni in 1991–1995 and SRV Group in 1995–2006. He was promoted to a Managing Director of SRV International Ltd in 2002. Today, Risto’s main activities are in Castor Construction where he serves as a chairman.
Walpe Oy
Strategic Partner
Direct: +358 9 252 282 00
Walpe is one of Finland's most experienced, internationally orientated investors with a long track record. In the last two decades, Walpe’s investment focus has been on the value creation opportunities in transition economies both in the former Soviet Union member states and more recently in various Asian countries. Walpe Oy was invited as a strategic shareholder and Harri Walden as a member of the board to support the revision of Vicus Capital Advisors' strategy in the autumn 2015. Walpe will strengthen the implementation of VCA’s revised strategy, bring long-term investment experience, strategic know-how and collaboration opportunities to Vicus Capital Advisors.

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